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The Construct Master Collection website:
Click here: https://www.constructcollection.com/

Construct Master Collection :
The Construct Master Collection is an enterprise level dedicated addon package mainly created to extend the features of Construct with features you can't get with just the built-in Construct addons.

The collection contains the sub-collections which categorizes the plugins.
These are :

  1.  PlayFab Master Collection
  2. Mobile Master Collection
  3. Game Master Collection
  4. Firebase Master Collection [Bonus]
  5. Web Master Collection [2019]


PlayFab Master Collection :
The plugin collection that enables cloud to local and local to cloud features. The addons achieve these features through accounts either hosted by the game server or playfab server, social accounts, device or cryptographic identifications.

The features include user data, game data, company data which is shared across all games, news feature, leaderboards, group data, bind account feature, authentication, recovery, gdpr compliance, guild features, character features, banning features, account management, player management, data management, friends list and manager, virtual currencies, real currencies, iap and validation, cdn, cloud script analytics and etc. 

  •  Account Info
  • Account Manager
  • Analytics
  • API Module
  • CDN
  • Cloud Script
  • Friend Manager
  • Leaderboards
  • Player Manager
  • Publisher
  • Title Manager
  • User Data
  • Virtual Currencies
  • Real Currencies
  • Authentication
  • Sync Manager
  • Photon Realtime
  • Photon Chat
  • Photon Voice [T.B.A.]


Mobile Master Collection :

The plugin collection that enables native mobile features mainly for Android and IOS but some plugins may support more platforms.
The collection is constantly ever innovating and is also well supported. 

These include Enterprise level addons for all ranges of mobile game development, even for general applications. Features include, social authentications, analytics, facebook integration, google integration, friends integration, monetization, device information, power management, performance management, mobile dialog, mobile toast, mobile browser, mobile review, mobile rating, local notifications, push notifications and etc.

  • Mobile Master IAP [Subscriptions & Server Validation]
  • Mobile Browser
  • Mobile Facebook
  • Mobile Google
  • Mobile Info
  • Mobile Review
  • Mobile Sleep
  • Mobile Toast
  • Mobile Dialog
  • Mobile Badge
  • Mobile Notifications [Local Notifications]
  • Mobile Notifications [Push Notifications]
  • Mobile Notifications [Rich Media Notifications]
  • Mobile Notifications [Native Messaging]
  • Mobile Notifications [Dedicated Mobile Badge]
  • Mobile Build Master
  • Mobile Multidex
  • Mobile Voice [T.B.A.]
  • Mobile Master Ads
    • Mobile Facebook Ads
    • Mobile Unity Ads
    • Mobile FacebookxUnity Ads
    • Mobile InMobi Ads
    • Mobile MobFox Ads
    • Mobile Vungle Ads
    • Mobile Chartboost Ads
    • Mobile AppLovin Ads
  • Mobile Background
  • Mobile Notch
  • Mobile Enhance
  • Mobile Apple SignIn
  • Mobile OneSignal
  • Mobile Network


Game Master Collection :

The plugin collection that extends Construct 2 and Construct 3's features into achieving additional essential features.

  • Bounded Drag and Drop
  • Self Function
  • AI Behavior
  • Process
  • Clock
  • GFX
  • Global
  • Set
  • Engine
  • Tick


Firebase Master Collection :

The plugin collection that upgraded the Firebase plugins originally created by RexRainbow into Construct 3.

  • Firebase API I (Backwards Compatibility)
  • Firebase API 3
  • Authentication
  • Counter
  • GeoFire
  • Item Book
  • Item Monitor
  • Item Table
  • Leaderboards
  • Query
  • Rooms
  • Save Data
  • Simple Message
  • Single Login
  • Token
  • UserID To ID
  • Firebase Main


Web Master Collection :

The plugin collection that extends Construct 2 and Construct 3's features into achieving important extended features.

  • Web Facebook
  • Web GooglePlus [T.B.A.]


Bonus included addons from the Scirra Store [$70.00] :

A few addons that I released on the Scirra Store that is included in the collection for free.


Bonus included premium versions of the free addons that I have released :

Premium versions of the free addons that I released on the Construct Community.
These are supported, improved and full-packed versions of the free addons. 
All free in the Construct Master Collection.



Hi. I am called by different aliases but you can call me ChadoriXD「茶どり」.
I am a Game Developer that uses Construct 2 and Construct 3 as a main game engine. I specialize in mobile game development but i have some knowledge in other fields of development as well.
One of the things I learned while developing games is that game development is really hard without tools to help in the development, it always delays the development especially when you are just looking for scrap plugins, which you aren't even sure if they are still working now or in the future or if they are well or efficiently made.
Especially for aspiring company startups or those who make deals with their publishers but can't get a feature that their publisher demands.
This will result in a hiatus of development, and believe it or not, this is very common.

In the Game Development world, there will always be companies, studios, team developers or even solo developers who have their own private tools. Mainly this is because of those tools being customized and not made for the public. But some also hide these for competitive reasons.
I admit, I also have a few customized ones that i never released, but only because they are customized for my own use and are not documented for the general public. Although, having those tools gives them access to features that you couldn't achieve from just the built-in addons.

The point is that, the easiest way to make games on Construct 2 and Construct 3 is to have the knowledge and time to make addons. Which i know most of the people on the Construct Community has no time to do, we all know you care about business more and don't want to worry about the small things. I completely understand this, i think so too.

So, I am here to solve some of that problem. 
I plan to release all the addons that i ever make at the time of this writing that i think will benefit the Construct Community.
I will take into my time of development to make it as generalized and documented as possible to be available for my supporters.



  • This is a one-time payment. Free upgrades.
  • You will be able to file a "feature request".
  • You will be able to file "bug reports" that will be fixed if needed urgent.
  • You can file for "express orders", paid feature request that is top priority.
  • The sooner you purchase, the lower the price. The plugin collection is ever innovating, and may cause some inflation of prices as it progresses.
  • Construct 2 Support.
  • Construct 3 Support.
  • Construct 2 Runtime Support.
  • Construct 3 Runtime Support.




Official To-do List Tracker :
This tracker includes Bug ReportsFeature Requests and Express Orders. If you have something to report or request, go to these links:  

GitHub Page: https://github.com/ChadoriRebornXD/Construct-Master-Collection To-Do List: https://github.com/ChadoriRebornXD/Construct-Master-Collection/issues


Releases :

  • Early Beta : November 1, 2018 [Limited State]
  • Stable Release : November 14, 2018 [Complete Edition]
  • Release 2 : November 19, 2018 [Bug Fixes]
    • Mobile Facebook : Patched.
  • Release 3 : November 20, 2018 [Upgrades]
    • Leaderboards : Upgraded.
  • Release 3.1 : November 25, 2018 [Bug Fixes]
    • Leaderboards : Patched.
  • Release 4.0 : December 1, 2018
    • PlayFab API Mode : Bug Fix
    • Mobile Master Collection : New FAQ Guide
      • Frequently Asked Questions.pdf
    • Added the Photon Collection to the PlayFab Master Collection
      • [Special] Photon Realtime
      • [Special] Photon Chat
      • Photon Original Additional Addons and Projects
      • Dedicated Easy Sample Project to use the following:
        • Photon Realtime
        • Photon Chat
      • Short Documentation
    • Added the Process Plugin to the Game Master Collection
      • Process is a convenient synchronous loop or process manager.
      • Process sample project.
      • The Process includes an integration with the C3Runtime Memory Management, sample project.
    • Added the Mobile Build Master Mobile Multidex to the Mobile Master Collection.
      • Mobile Build Master addon.
      • Mobile Multidex
    • Started the Web Master Collection earlier than 2019.
    • Release 4.0 Price Hike from $99.99 to $119.99.
    • New Payment Option : Private Message on Discord via PayPal.
      • Discord Invite Link : https://discord.gg/eS3HK88
      • Discord Server Name : ChadoriXD Collections
      • Developer Red : Only [Role]
      • Alias : ChadoriXD「茶どり」
      • Private Transaction via PayPal for only $99.99.
      • You will receive an Itch.io coupon.
      • Still free updates and upgrades.
  • Release 4.1 : December 4, 2018
    • Process : Upgraded
      • Added Condition : Is Completed.
  • Release 4.2 : December 6, 2018
    • Process plugin : Bug Fixes
      • Process plugin : Fixed minify bug.
  • Release 4.3 : December 18, 2018
    • Mobile Facebook : Upgrade and Bug Fixes
      • New SDK Update
      • Mobile Facebook : Cordova plugin update compliance.
      • C2Runtime Bug Fix
      • C3Runtime under review. (TBA)
      • New build documentation. Please follow the new one.
      • Fixed addon.js bug. 
    • PlayFab Master Collection
      • New Documentation : Cloud Script Templates on the Discord Server.
      • Reviewed a bug issue, a false alarm. But reviewed the entire PlayFab Master Collection triggering framework called C3Trigger for any issues and it was all in great condition.
    • Combo Addon : Mobile Facebook + Mobile Review + Mobile Notifications
      • Build Error : Bug Fix.
    • Mobile Notifications
      • New SDK Update compliance.
      • Added Event trigger attributes in Push on Event for even more precise automations,
      • Message Inbox is now supported via API too,
      • New SDK Version default tag.
      • New Device Tag actions.
      • Supported Default Tags, available on the image "Default Tags" included in the package, to be used.
  • Release 5.0 : January 12, 2019
  • This is one of the major upgrades of the Construct Master Collection
    •  PlayFab Master Collection :
      •  Project Wide  ::
        • Upgraded the PlayFab Master Collection into 2.0
        • Upgraded all the PlayFab Master Collection addons to version 2
        • Upgraded the PlayFab Master Collection's debugger into 2.0 with better debugging information in the Developer Tools : Console
        • PlayFab Master Collection : Debugger, added a warning to notify if the PlayFab Common Error Log is a normal error with nothing to worry about. 
        • Made a Server Response expression for the data-JSON for all the PlayFab Master Collection addons. Since, there is now a built-in JSON plugin, it is now a recommended approach to control the processing of our own JSON data, received from the server. 
        • Fixed Bugs : Set the Default Properties from Construct 2 into Construct 3. Default property options are available on Construct 2 and were set upped manually on code but Construct 3 wasn't set upped properly because it needed to be manually set upped again. 
      • Addon Specific :: 
        • Added Profile Constraint Options in the PlayFab API Module
        • PlayFab :: Friend Manager, added new Expressions : 
          • Profile Origination.
            Last Login
        • Fixed the bug on the Virtual Currencies plugin. The Add, Subtract, Set and Get had a built-in converter for int to float and float to int but ever since it was added after the beta, it had problems that no one noticed until quite recently but now fixed. 
        • Authentication : Fixed the Android Login, it didn't trigger an Account Not Found.
        • Revised the Mobile Facebook Priority Documentation. Improved the categorization to include an additional label of Construct 3 and Construct 2 to avoid confusion.
    • Mobile Master Collection :: 
      • A few improvements and bug fixes with each addon. 
    • Game Master Collection 
      • A few improvements and bug fixes with each addon. 
    • Firebase Master Collection
      • The release of the new and improved but experimental version of the Firebase Master Collection, called the Firebase Master Collection 2.0. It supports the C3Runtime
    • Construct Master Collection 
      • Construct Master Collection : Wide Upgrade.
      • This covers all or most of the addons on the collection. 
      • Construct Master Collection : Wide Upgrade. 
        • C3Runtime :: Unified all common : global functions. 
        • C3Runtime :: Made all global functions into class member functions. 
        • C2Runtime :: Made all plugin-wide functions into prototype functions.
  •  Release 5.1 : February 5, 2019
    • Bug fixes to the Firebase Master Collection 2.0.
      • Firebase API V3 : Fixed C3Runtime bugs.
      • Firebase : Fixed C3Runtime bugs.
      • Firebase ItemTable : Fixed C3Runtime bugs.
  • Release 5.5 : Februrary 26, 2019
    • New Mobile Ads Collection from the Mobile Master Collection under the Construct Master Collection.
    • The Construct Plugin to extend mobile features to support ads and multiple network mediations.
    • New monetization addons:
      • Mobile Master Ads
      • Mobile Facebook Ads
      • Mobile Unity Ads
      • Mobile FacebookxUnityAds
      • Mobile InMobi Ads
      • Mobile MobFox Ads
    • New Mobile Background plugin.
    • The Construct Plugin to extend mobile features to background app mode, notifications and tasks.
    • New native mobile feature addon:
      • Mobile Background
    • Price change to $149.99 in the store. But only $99.99 on Discord Store. This is to encourage new buyers to use the official payment method, the Discord Server.
      • Discord Invite Link : https://discord.gg/eS3HK88
      • Discord Server Name : ChadoriXD Collections
      • Developer Red : Only [Role]
      • Alias : ChadoriXD「茶どり」
      • You will receive an Itch.io coupon.
      • Still free updates and upgrades.
      • Discount! Private Transaction via PayPal for only $99.99!
  • Release 5.6 : March 5, 2019
    • Mobile Facebook : Docs weren't properly updated to Release 4.3 even up to Release 5.5. This is fixed on this release, Release 5.6.
    • Mobile Facebook : Documented method to support c3Runtime.
    • Mobile Facebook : Improved the Priority Documentation.
    • Mobile Master Collection: There is a new documentation note for Construct 2 Mobile Builds. This is to provide guidance on how to upgrade the Cordova CLI on their Construct 2 projects to the newer or latest version, like Construct 3's or even further.
  • Release 5.7 : April 28, 2019
    • Emergency Patch Update.
    • Mobile Master Ads
      • Failure to identify platform caused Test IDs to clear and show instead test ads on production. If you fell victim to this, don't worry, you would have been notified by the Google Admob Team
        This is now fixed and production tested.
      • Accidentally swapped the Personalized Ads Toggle,  making Enabled to Disabled and vice-versa. This is now fixed and production tested.
  • Release 6.0 : July 13, 2019
    • Mobile Master Ads ( : Construct 2 Editor - fixed the issue where iOS add-units are overwritten with Android ad-units. [Emergency] 
    • Mobile Master Collection addons now supports zero-configuration builds with the Construct 3 Build Service, to remove the hassle of developers having to edit their config.xml on every export.

      • Mobile Facebook (
        • Mobile Facebook : added the Facebook SDK pre-configured. 
      • Mobile Master Ads (
      • Mobile Google Plus (
    • Mobile Master Ads ( : fixed the issue where the plugin fails to minify in Construct 2.
    • Mobile Master Ads : new additions to the mediation networks list.
      • Vungle Ads
      • Chartboost Ads
      • AppLovin
    • Mobile Master Ads : updated the existing ad mediation networks.
      • InMobi (
      • Facebook Audience Network (
    • Firebase API V3 ( : fixed the issue that prevents the FirebaseCallbackMapKlass fro initializing before the other Firebase addons if not added first in a Construct 3 project
    • Firebase API V3 ( : fixed the bug with the c3runtime post-startup code not running because a pre-startup function was not initialized before the post-startup code.
    • Photon Chat ( : C3Runtime not working.
    • Photon Realtime ( : C3Runtime blackscreen on Android.
    • PlayFab - User Data ( : Fixed the expressions where their outputs got swapped.
  • Release 6.1 : August 07, 2019
  • Release 7.1 : October 01, 2019
    • Mobile GooglePlus (
      • C3 runtime - BlackScreen fix.
    • Mobile Master Ads :: (
      • Automate the Play Services Version patch into the editor to avoid conflicts.
      • Control Admob SDK version and
      • Control the Play Services Version.
    • Clock (
    • Few addons have a rotatable toggle bug on the Construct 2 editor.

      • PlayFab API Module -
      • Mobile Notifications =
      • Mobile GooglePlus =
    • Construct Master Collection : Documentation website.

    • Self Function :: (
      • Renamed reference for simplification. (SelfFunction -> Self)
    • GFX :: (
    • PlayFab Leaderboards :: (
      • Variadic Parameters on the PlayFab Leaderboards weren't replaced from the Construct 3 Editor using the c2runtime.
    • PlayFab Photon plugins : Get Photon Auth Token error, re: no data key is sent.
      • Photon Realtime ::
      • Photon Chat ::
    • PlayFab Friend Manager ::
      • "Get Friends List" action on the wrong category.
    • PlayFab Virtual Currencies ::
      • PlayFab : Virtual Currencies :: [Condition] On Redeem Error - description typo.
    • Mobile Master IAP ::
      • Mobile Master IAP - Description Typo.
    • Mobile GooglePlus ::
      •  Reversed Client ID description issue, no Android description included.
    • Mobile Facebook ::
      • Docs require trim for permissions. Hence,
      • Addon was added a trim feature for permissions to remove unneeded whites-paces.
    • Mobile Notch ::
      • Implemented an addon to detect if there is a notch on either an Android or iOS device and also measure the notch size on Android.
    • Clock :: ( 
      • Fixed wrong debug log message.
    • Mobile Notifications :: (
      • Fixed a runtime minify bug that made the application to preview a blackscreen.
    • Mobile Enhance ::

      • Implemented an addon that ported the Enhance SDK to Construct 3 with c3runtime.
    • Mobile Apple SignIn ::
      • Implemented a compliance addon, which is mandatory requirement to add the "Apple SignIn" authentication method on mobile iOS applications that uses authentication services, etc. 
        If for example, there is a Mobile Facebook or Mobile Google Plus authentication method, the Apple SignIn authentication method should also be included.
    • Mobile Master IAP ::
      • Specify the dependency Cordova plugin into the Construct 2 addon version.
    • Entire Firebase Master Collection
      • Unification and Light Optimization.
        • Organized and cleaned the collection folder.
        • And, prepared the collection addons for the next future upgrade.
    • Release Note: https://chadorirebornxd.itch.io/construct-master-collection/devlog/102444/release-70
    • Milestone: https://github.com/ChadoriRebornXD/Construct-Master-Collection/milestone/17
  • Release 8.0 :: Major Stable Upgrade! (October 26, 2019)
  • Release 8.1 :: Minor Update. (November 09, 2019)
  • Release 8.2 :: Patch Update. (November 09, 2019)
  • Release 9.0 :: Major Update. (January 02, 2020)
  • Release 9.1 :: Feature Patch Release (January 15, 2020)


DiscountPrivate Message on Discord via PayPal.

  • Discord Invite Link : https://discord.gg/eS3HK88
  • Discord Server Name : ChadoriXD Collections
  • Developer Red : Only [Role]
  • Alias : ChadoriXD「茶どり」
  • You will receive an Itch.io coupon.
  • Still free updates and upgrades.
  • Discount! Private Transaction via PayPal for only $139.99!

New Changes! The Construct Master Collection is recommended to be supported or purchased from the Discord Server, the Discord Invite above. This is for better faster logging of the Supports List. For the convenience, I offer discount to those who support/purchase on Discord. Instead of paying $199.99, you only pay $139.99.

To do this, visit the discord-discount channel under the Purchase category on the Discord Server and do the payment and you will receive the Itch.io redeem code. It is that easy. Thank You.


Buy Now$199.99 USD or more

In order to download this addon collection. you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $199.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Beta Release.zip 34 MB
Stable Release.zip 38 MB
Release 2.zip 38 MB
Release 3.zip 38 MB
Release 3.1.zip 38 MB
Release 4.0.zip 66 MB
Release 4.1.zip 66 MB
Release 4.2.zip 66 MB
Release 4.3.zip 65 MB
Release 5.0.zip 81 MB
Release 5.1.zip 81 MB
Release 5.5.zip 84 MB
Release 5.6.zip 84 MB
Release 5.7.zip 84 MB
Release 6.0.zip 84 MB
Release 6.1.zip 84 MB
Release 7.0.zip 106 MB
Release 7.0 (Patch 1).zip 106 MB
Release 8.0.zip 108 MB
Release 8.1.zip 131 MB
Release 8.2.zip 131 MB
Release 9.0.zip 133 MB
Release 9.1.zip 134 MB

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This completes the tools required for my project, it has all the features I need. It's well organized, complete with documentation, including from the website.

I definitely recommend it. 😀

Thank you, glad you like it!

Awesome collection!

Just what I needed, thank you very much!

Thank you, glad you like it!

Awesome collection of plugins, very well documented!

Thanks. Glad you like it.

How to use PlayFab plugins, what they eat and drink with, no explanations of plugin functions, are there any good examples of how to use playfab plugins in mini-games? tutorial guide how to implement it and how to use, good examples, where is all this? I see a bunch of playfab plugins, but I don’t understand how to use them ...
(1 edit)

Hi. It's straightforward and easy to use. There are also sample projects that show what they do, and the data they return. 

There is also the documentation website.

In less than 30 minutes I managed to create what a MMO can look like at its beginning.

5/5 but I have to develop the whole rest of the MMO now.

Hi dude, How can I implement the Unity Ads plugin plz? I have added it but can not do anything with it?

Hello. You use it with the Mobile Master Ads, there is a manual for it. Good luck!

I have purchased the collection, but I can not find the c3 photon plugins !! help plz ? 

Hi. It's under the PlayFab Master Collection. You'll find it there.

Thank you! I've been looking for something like these. :-)
So many useful plugins, especially the Mobile Master Collection.
Worth the purchase!
Good thing I also found the Discord discount, saved me a few bucks. :-)

- Hola, los complementos funcionan tanto para c2 como para c3, ¿o hay algunos que no funcionan en la construcción 2 o viceversa?

- Por favor, ¿planea separar los complementos en paquetes para comprar por separado (por ejemplo, poder comprar Firebase solo y reducir costos innecesarios)?


These all work on Construct 2 and Construct 3.

The bonus addon collection called the Firebase Master Collection is an exception, because it is forked (duplicated and improved) from RexRainbow's Firebase addons that only worked on Construct 2. But still, considering that Rex has the original Construct 2 version. Then, it is available on both Construct 2 and Construct 3.

So the answer is, Yes. It is supported on both Construct 2 and Construct 3.

Deleted 1 day ago

Great plugins!! Awesome support too!

I love the PlayFab Master Collection. It really makes Cloud Data sync to all devices per user possible and easy. Also, the other addons are very useful too. I really recommend the collection to all Construct users. Thank you very much! 

The collection looks great!
These many useful plugins in the collection. Thanks!