Release 9.0

Release 9.0 :: Major Stable Upgrade!

Happy new year everyone! There's a new major upgrade release for the Construct Master Collection. I recommend everyone to update to the latest version, a lot of improvements have been done, both documented and non-documented. A lot of additions, bug fixes, patches and refactoring have also been done.

Special Mentions:

  • PlayFab Master Collection:
    • Leaderboards :
    • Leaderboards [Legacy] :
    • PlayFab API :
    • Publisher :
    • User Data :
    • Title Manager :
    • Virtual Currencies :
    • Real Currencies :
  • Game Master Collection:
    • Engine :
  • Mobile Master Collection:
    • Mobile OneSignal : [New addon]


  • PlayFab Master Collection:
    • Account Info :
    • Friend Manager :
    • CDN :
    • Player Manager :
  • Mobile Master Collection:
    • Mobile Notifications : [Documentation only]
  • Documentation:
    • Improvement of documentation.
    • Start of gradual migration from Google Drive to Website host for project documentation storage.

PlayFab Master Collection:

The PlayFab Master Collection has been extensively improved, being more optimally designed for easy and efficient event-making. Implemented lots of new features, which you can look up here:

There are lots of documented and some undocumented improvements, patches and bug fixes. Some of those are:

  • Upgrade of the PlayFab SDK to the latest version of (SDK (1.57.191121).
  • New Tag filtering features, a very useful feature of differentiating requests through custom tags, implemented into the following addons:
    • Leaderboards
    • Leaderboards [Legacy]
    • PlayFab API
    • Publisher
    • User Data
    • Title Manager
    • Virtual Currencies
    • Real Currencies
    • Account Info
    • Friend Manager
    • CDN
    • Player Manager
  • New PlayFab custom Call API method and callback features. You can now call a PlayFab Client API method yourself, and receive a callback response from the server.
  • Account Info - can now auto-assign get account info request to self (the current user).
  • Additional unique loading features using expressions. Useful for retrieving local data immediately from expressions rather than go through the procedure of "action->condition->expression" to retrieve a local data.
    • Leaderboards
    • Leaderboards [Legacy]
    • Publisher
    • User Data
    • Title Manager
  • Real Currencies - Added an automatic decimal to integer converter.
  • Expression fallbacks, in some cases not working properly, has been patched.
  • CDN - Fixed the error callback data being not recorded.
  • Leaderboards, new conditions and expressions unification upgrade and refactor. This is a breaking change for old projects, but very useful for new projects and also old projects that followed the migration procedure.
    • More information, further down.


Release 9.0 :: Leaderboards breaking changes!


There are now 2 Leaderboard versions in the "Release 9.0". The migration procedure is taken into account to be easy to implement.
Although if there is a slight chance of incompatibility, it's taken into consideration to release the "Release 8.2 Patch" for those 
who want to receive the bug fixes made in the Leaderboards addon with the latest Release 9.0.

It's worth noting though that the "Release 9.0" has some great new features!


Leaderboards [Legacy] - this is the old Leaderboards addon with new tag features and load expressions.

  • Tag Features : to differentiate requests.
    Load Statistic : to load a gotten statistic from the server, using only an expression, compared to the usual way of retrieving 
    statistic values using the action -> condition - expressions procedure.

For more information:


Leaderboards - this is the new Leaderboards addon with all the features of the Leaderboards : Legacy, but with a simpler 
and more efficient design, based on retrospective analysis.

(Warning) : This is only for new projects! For old projects, it requires a migration procedure of removing the entire 
**Leaderboards [Legacy]** and manually replacing events associating with it, with the new **Leaderboards.** addon.


Leaderboards [Legacy] :
Leaderboards [Latest] :


Mobile Master Collection :

  • Mobile OneSignal - There is a new additional notification addon in the collection, a popular alternative for the Mobile Notifications addon, using the popular OneSignal SDK, which offers both free and premium push notifications and in-app messaging features.
  • Mobile Notifications - Some small documentation improvements have been made.

Game Master Collection :

  • Engine - Added the added the Trim2() expression to remove all whitespaces from a string.

That's it for the entire release note of this major upgrade, Release 9.0.
For more information, visit the release milestone:
Or, visit the website, to lookup the new upgrade features:

As always, have a nice day and happy game development!


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Jan 01, 2020

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