Release 9.1 [Feature Patch Update]

Release 9.1 :: Feature Patch Update

Hi everyone, I'm glad to present a new update patch for the Construct Master Collection
This release focuses on cleaning up leftover bugs and issues, and as well as adding a few features created following after the major upgrade release.

Representing the new addon, Mobile Network
The Construct 3 editor has a built-in Browser : Is Online feature that checks if you are connected to the internet, although due to this very old bug, browsers are inconsistent into checking this, depending on the conditions. This is not a Construct 3 fault, but a multi-browser issue.

There are workarounds, but using a native mobile plugin, which is worked on to be accurate and efficient, makes it easier to manage and trust. This is the purpose of the new Mobile Network addon. For more information.

This release also has some improvements and bug fixes for the collection.

The improvements based on the  Release 9.1 - milestone is as follows:

That's it for now, happy game development!


Release 134 MB
Jan 15, 2020

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