Release 10.0

The Construct Master Collection's Major Release 10.0.

I am happy to announce a new major release, made from months of work since the last update.
We have fixed lots of bugs, added a lot of new features and improved the existing addons for reliability, performance and ease of use.

The collection had a lot of bug fixes, improvements and new features, but we will just focus on the most notable changes.

Website 2.0

The website has been remade from ground to up. We changed the designs, implemented an erratum of the documentation, made it scale to different display sizes, fixed broken links, optimized for faster and lighter loading times and added more documentation contents.

We also now have the new Self Service feature page, so you can update the sdks and dependencies yourself, available from the documentation page.
Other new pages that might interest you, include: Support, Tracking, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.
We also have improved your Account pages.

Although, the website is still not completely done yet, we still have mobile support and a few tutorials in-progress, hence this and the other tasks are separated from the milestone.

PlayFab Master

The PlayFab addons also have a lot of changes and upgrades. 

A few important addons in this collection now has their legacy, legacyc2 and new counterparts, apparent from the package. This is our transitional move into exclusively supporting Construct 3, this is due to Construct 2's upcoming retirement this July 01, 2020.
This will give us more development time to implement and support the worker mode feature for the Construct 3 addons. 

The PlayFab addons, notable the addons below, have new additional features. You may check the documentation to check the new additions or you can install the update, and check it out from the editor.

  • PlayFab API
  • Leaderboards
  • Authentication
  • Sync Manager
  • Virtual Currencies
  • Real Currencies
  • User Data
  • Publisher
  • Title Manager

We also have updated the PlayFab SDK to its latest version.

Mobile IronSource

There is a new addition, the IronSource Ads SDK with complete  ad-network mediation collection for both Android and iOS.
For more information, click the tutorial and the documentation.

The Mobile IronSource Collection is a set of Construct 3 addons that implements IronSource advertisements with complete ad-network mediation for both Android and iOS.

It provides banner, interstitial, rewarded video and offerwall advertisements from different provider platforms, including Google Admob, Unity Ads, Facebook, etc.

It uses dedicated native libraries written exclusively for Construct 3, ensuring optimal performance and quality in providing mobile application advertisements.

It fully supports the C3 Build Service, Cordova CLI, Android Studio and XCode.

  • Mobile IronSource Ads
  • Admob Ads 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Unity Ads 
  • AdColony Ads 
  • Amazon Ads 
  • AppLovin Ads 
  • Chartboost Ads 
  • Fyber Ads 
  • HyprMX Ads 
  • InMobi Ads 
  • Maio Ads 
  • MIntegral Ads 
  • Tapjoy Ads 
  • Vungle Ads 
  • TikTok Ads

Mobile Master

We have now moved most of our mobile addons that rely on public libraries, to our native Cordova plugin libraries. This means that we now control the addons support, maintenance, performance and efficiency in its design.
Henceforth, all the addons have been verified to be compatible with each other and all the Construct 3 plugin objects.

Clock 2.0

There is a new Clock addon upgrade, that simplifies the implementation, while still having the existing features and new.
Notable features:

  • Global Timer (High precision sync with the universal datettime.)
  • Rewards System
  • Daily Rewards System
  • Cheat Guard


  • Internal Clock
  • Time Tools
  • Date Tools
  • Datetime Tools
  • Local Time
  • UTC 


  • Construct 3's internal debugger, with complete monitoring data.

This is efficiently written with a high performance design.
This addon implements timers, rewards and cheat guard in its optimal form, barely consuming performance, efficient where it only issues internal checking once every developer-defined interval.

It has all the essential features needed for games that rely on date and time.

Other fixes, changes and upgrades:

  • PlayFab
    • Leaderboards
    • Authentication
    • Sync Manager
    • PlayFab API
    • Friend Manager
    • Player Manager
    • User Data
    • Publisher
    • Title Manager
    • Virtual Currencies
    • Real Currencies
  • Mobile
    • Mobile Enhance
    • Mobile Browser
    • Mobile Sleep
    • Mobile GooglePlus
    • Mobile Facebook
    • Mobile Master IAP
    • Mobile Notifications
    • Mobile OneSignal
    • Mobile Review
    • Mobile Network
  • Game
    • Clock
    • Self Function
    • GFX
  • Firebase
    • Firebase Rooms
    • Firebase Query
    • Firebase API V3

Future - Funding (Monetization Collection)

We have a new goal!

The Monetization Collection is the new planned feature to include in the Construct Master Collection.

We plan to add a complete monetization addon collection for both mobile and web, with both advertisement with complete mediation, and in-application purchase.

For more information, please visit our funding page.


I certainly recommend to install these updates. There are lots of bugs fixes, changes, improvements and upgrades applied.
It is of our best concern that your projects be in their optimal conditions.

Closing Message

Thank you for supporting my collection and being with me in this goal to cover all the essential features for Construct 3.
See you again in the next update.

And as always.
Have a great journey in game development!


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Apr 15, 2020

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