Release 10.1 :: Patch Update

The Construct Master Collection's Patch Release 10.1.

This is a continuation update of the Release 10.0. It includes changes and bug fixes that weren't solved in the recent stable.

New Additions:

  • Process ( - Added Synchronous features, and added a c3runtime exclusive addon version.
  • Mobile Master IAP ( - lift the SKU limit and moved the addon to use the Construct Master Collection's own dedicated native plugin implementation.
  • PlayFab :: Photon Realtime ( - Return fallback values if undefined, especially properties.
  • Clock 2.0 ( - The Clock 2.0 addon now waits for the runtime to finish before retrieving the localForage data.

Bug Fixes:

  • GFX ( - Fixed the issue : Starting r191, Construct 3 doesn't allow calling the SetCanvasSize upon or during the "OnBeforeLayoutChange".
  • Clock ( - Daily Reward doesn't reset if unclaimed for more than 24 hours.
  • Clock ( - Fixed Cheat Guard not firing.
  • Web Facebook ( - Fixed GetAccessToken isn't retrieved if the object is inside a folder.
  • PlayFab :: Authentication ( ) - Fixed the Create parameter from social network login actions that are inverted.
  • PlayFab :: Authentication [Legacy] ( - Fixed the Create parameter from social network login actions that are inverted.
  • Mobile Master IAP ( - A few bug issues.
  • Firebase Storage ( - not working on c3runtime.
  • Firebase Storage ( - Follow-up fix, a mild rewrite of the addon.
  • Clock 2.0 ( - Stringify all stored data property keys, to avoid saving and minification errors.

Here is the complete release note:

Thank you for supporting the Construct Master Collection. 
Stay tuned for the next update!


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May 08, 2020

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