Release 10.4

The Construct Master Collection's Patch Release 10.4. This is a continuation update for the Release 10.0Release 10.1Release 10.2 and Release 10.3. It includes bug fixes, additional minor features and changes before the next stable release.

New features:

Bug fixes:

  • Apple SignIn - Not working properly and added support for the XCode project export option.
  • Mobile Network - Fixed startup crashes on some android devices.
  • Mobile Master IAP
    • Some expressions aren't returning data.
    • Trigger doesn't fire during failure due to reference typo.
  • Title Manager - "Get Catalog Items" is fired instead of "Get Store Items".
  • Mobile AppsFlyer - App Id is not recognized, which is used on the iOS build.
  • Mobile Facebook
    • Undefined login expressions if "Get Login Status" is called without logging in.
    •  Update Is Connected on get login status.
  • Sync Manager - Parameter issue, from "accessToken" to "serverAuthCode".
  • Authentication (PlayFab)
    • Parameter issue, from "accessToken" to "serverAuthCode".
    • "ServerResponse" only returning [object][Object].

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Thank you for supporting the Construct Master Collection! Stay tuned for more updates!


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Aug 19, 2020

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