Release 10.5 - Important Patch

Release 10.5 - Important Patch

Important changes are incorporated in this new update, most notably the iOS 14 support for the Mobile IronSource Collection and the support for the new script minifier, hence will allow export with Advanced Minification.

Important changes:

  • Entire Construct Master Collection: 
    • Support for the new script minifier to allow advanced minification.
    • Reorganized the entire collection, separated the new addons from the old counterparts and fixed some minor documentation issues.
  • Entire Mobile IronSource Collection: 
    • Support for the new iOS 14 standards, including its ad-network mediation.
    • Update to the latest IronSource SDK for September 2020.
    • Update each ad-network's SDK for September 2020.

New changes:

  • Account Manager: 
    • Can now add tags to differentiate server request actions.
    • Now has a global Tag expression.
    • Account Manager now has a c3runtime exclusive addon.
  • Mobile Facebook:
    • Now has AndroidX enabled.
    • Now supports the latest stable Android Facebook SDK version 7.0.0.

Bug fixes:

  • PlayFab Authentication & Sync Manager:
    • The documentation mistakenly uses 'getAccessToken' instead of 'getServerAuthCode'.
  • Mobile GooglePlus:
    • Now has AndroidX enabled - results into a crash if not enabled.

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Sep 07, 2020

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