Release 10.6

Release 10.6 - Feature Patch

New features in this new release, most notably the new Android in-app rating feature from the Android SDK. The Mobile IronSource Collection's update of all Cordova plugins to support iOS 14, and use the latest IronSource iOS SDK with each of its ad-network mediation's latest iOS SDK. And, the update of the Mobile AppsFlyer to the latest 6.0.30 version to support new features and bug fixes.

  • Mobile AppsFlyer
    • Supports the new Mobile AppsFlyer version 6.0.30.
    • Supports the new iOS 14.
    • New Wait for ATTUserAuthorization parameter for the Initialize action, for iOS 14.
    • New On Install Conversion Data Listener parameter for the Initialize action. 
    • New Set Sharing filters.
    • New Set Sharing Filter action to exclude specified advertisement networks/integrated partners from getting data.
    • New Set Sharing Filter To All Partners action to exclude all advertisement networks/integrated partners from getting data.
    • Now sets the default Cordova plugin version in the addon.json to be used in Cordova projects, instead of relying in the C3 Build Service's whitelisted version.
  • Mobile IronSource Collection
    • Entire collection's Cordova plugins have been updated to use the latest IronSource iOS SDK and each of its ad-network mediation's latest iOS SDK.
    • Entire collection's support for iOS 14.
  • Mobile Review
    • Code improvements, documentation improvements and bug fixes.
    • Like some other addons, it has support for the Construct 2 Editor, Construct 3 Editor and Construct 3 Editor with c3runtime.

Bug fixes:

  • Title Manager: 
    • Get Store Catalog with Version action had its parameters swapped.
    • Documentation fixes and improvements.
    • Some expressions didn't return properly.
  • Photon Realtime
    • Photon Realtime - Get Actor/Room Custom Properties now returns 0 to avoid NaN issues.
  • Mobile AppsFlyer
    • Fixed a bug where the Remove Event Parameter wasn't working properly because the method call's parameter was swapped.
  • Mobile Master IAP
    • Fixed where Query Purchases sometimes result in a NullPointerException.
    • Added the default Cordova plugin version 1.0.1, for Cordova CLI users.

For more information, kindly review the completed milestone.  Thank you!


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Sep 22, 2020

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