Release 11.0

Release 11.0 - Major Stable Update

New major features, sdk updates, maintenance and bug fixes. Most notably the support for the new worker mode feature, new JavaScript modules feature and new Construct 3 script minifier.
There has also been the entire collection update of the Mobile IronSource Collection with its SDK, for both Android and iOS.

There are also new feature addons, the new Clock 4.0, rewritten and redesigned to implement new features and fix the previous issues. 
And, the new and improved Mobile Background addon, fixed to resolve the previous addon and build issues and updated with new features and compliant with the new Android and iOS changes.

New features, changes and bug fixes:

  • Entire Construct Master Collection
    • The entire collection now supports worker mode.
      • All active addons
      • All deprecated but functional addons.
    • The entire collection now supports the new JavaScript modules feature.
      • All active addons
      • All deprecated but functional addons.
    • The entire collection now supports the new script minifier feature.
      • All active addons
      • All deprecated but functional addons
  • Mobile IronSource Collection (New)
  • Mobile Dialog
    • Trim the buttonlist parameter of whitespaces.
    • Ability to specify a custom button list separator
    • Added tags to the AlertConfirm and Prompt dialogs to differentiate requests.
    • New separate addon for c3runtime exclusive features.
    • The legacy versions are kept for the Construct 2 Editor and Construct 3 Editor with c2runtime support.
    • Added the new conditions Compare Confirm Button and Compare Prompt Button for easy comparison of the position of the clicked button, in the Tools category.
    • Fixed a few documentation and description errata.
    • IsDependenciesCleared()was inefficient and can cause issues in some situation.
  • Cloud Script
    • Added a Custom Data parameter for the Call Function action.
  • Mobile Facebook (New)
    • Added additional Android SDK properties.
    • Add a separate addon build for the IronSource's Facebook Ads addon, to align their versions.
    • Migrated to our own dedicated Cordova plugin chadori-mobile-facebook, to implement the new features.
  • Mobile Background (New)
    • Fixed addon and build errors.
    • Added new features to support the latest Android and iOS devices, with new sdk features.
    • Migrated to our own dedicated Cordova plugin chadori-mobile-background, to implement the new features.
  • Clock (New)
    • New Clock to implement new features, fix issues and support the new Construct 3 Date object.
      • General Clock features
      • Clock converter features
      • Clock Time Sync, with device, or online time, like PlayFab's.
      • Device Time sync.
      • Online Time sync.
      • PlayFab Time sync.
      • Reward System
      • Daily Reward System
      • Timer system (Start TimerStart Timer InStart Timer On)
      • Last Active Features (Get the last recorded app session datetime data).
      • Debugging tools, including Construct 3's debugger preview and safe mode.
    • Additions:
      • New demo projects
      • New website documentation
  • PlayFab Master Collection
    • Expressions are no longer returning errors when null, empty or undefined.
    • It is now noted and recommended to reauthenticate once every before 24 hours.

For more information, kindly review the completed milestone.  Thank you!


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