Release 4.0

Release 4.0 :: Major Stable Upgrade

The Mobile Master Monetization has released its 4th Major Stable Upgrade. It should be the last stable release for the year 2019. It comes with stability features and patches to hopefully completely rid of issues of the core monetization addons.

For the full note of the Construct Master Collection's 8th Stable release:  Release 8.0 : Milestsone


  • Mobile Master Ads []
    • Failure to read the listeners "Is Interstitial Ready" and "Is Reward Video Ready" properly.
  • Mobile Master Ads []
    • Failure to load Reward Video Test ads, Banner ads and Interstitial ads, properly, if the ad-unit ids are filled on sandbox mode.

That's it for this release, I hope you all have a great time in your game development journey!


Release 18 MB
Oct 25, 2019

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