Release 5.0 :: Patch Update

The Mobile Master Moneitzation's Minor Release 5.0.

This is a minor release for the mobile master monetization, changes for the Mobile Master IAP. A few minor bugs left in the Mobile Master IAP were fixed and the 30 SKU limit of the Mobile Master IAP is now lifted, it is now able to support hundreds to thousands of products and subscriptions, depending on the allowed number of products supported by Google's In-App Billing.

New Changes:

  • Mobile Master IAP ( - A few bug issues fixed.
  • Mobile Master IAP ( - lift the SKU limit and moved the addon to use the Construct Master Collection's own dedicated native plugin implementation.
Mobile IronSource Collection

We would also like to announce here that we recently released a full-suite mobile advertisement collection called the Mobile IronSource Collection, available in the Construct Master Collection. IronSource has a great advertising reputation for mobile, and we have support for its complete ad-network mediation including Google Admob, Facebook Audience Network, Unity Ads, Chartboost, Vungle Ads, etc.

Support the Monetization Collection

For those who still prefer Google Admob Mediation, we have a new goal to upgrade the Mobile Master Monetization and rename it the Mobile Monetization.  Features will be the following:

  • Mobile Advert Collection - integrate the complete Google Admob SDK with complete ad-network mediation. 
    • Mobile Admob Ads
    • Vungle Ads
    • Verizon Media Ads
    • Unity Ads
    • Tapjoy Ads
    • Nend Ads
    • MyTarget Ads
    • MoPub Ads
    • Maio Ads
    • IronSource Ads
    • InMobi Ads
    • I-Mobile Ads
    • Fyber Marketplace Ads
    • Facebook Ads
    • Chartboost Ads
    • AppLovin Ads
    • AdColony Ads
  • Mobile IAP - integrate the complete Google Billing and Apple Payments.
  • Mobile Web Monetization - integrate web monetization into Construct 3.
    • AdInPlay - an advertisement sdk that implements web advertisements:
      • Display Ads
      • Video Ads
      • Rewarded Video Ads
    • CPMStar - an advertisement sdk that implements web advertisements:
      • Display Ads
      • Video Ads
      • Rewarded Video Ads
    • PayPal - an in-application payment service.

These will be a free upgrade to those who have already purchased the Mobile Master Monetization and the Construct Master Collection.
We do have a funding page for those who want to support its development.

That's it for now,  stay tuned!
And, thank you for choosing the Construct Master Collection.


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May 08, 2020

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